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AEON NaCl Sodium Chloride 5% 10ml

AEON NaCl Sodium Chloride 5% 10ml

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Sodium Chloride Solution

The AEON NaCl Sodium Chloride 5% 10ml solution is a sterile saline solution containing sodium chloride. It is commonly used for various medical purposes, including wound cleansing, hydration, and irrigation.

Optimal Concentration

The 5% concentration of sodium chloride in this solution is considered optimal for maintaining normal physiological conditions within the body. This isotonic formula closely resembles the natural balance of fluids found in our cells, making it highly effective in replacing lost fluids or electrolytes.

Versatile Usage

This 10ml bottle of AEON NaCl Sodium Chloride is widely used in healthcare facilities, emergency rooms, and even households to provide quick and reliable relief. The sterile solution is perfect for irrigating wounds, treating dehydration, clearing nasal passages, and assisting in various medical procedures.

Convenient Packaging

The compact and portable 10ml bottle of AEON NaCl Sodium Chloride ensures easy storage and accessibility at all times. Its leak-proof design guarantees reliability and makes it suitable for on-the-go use. Whether you are a healthcare professional or seeking to ensure your family's well-being, this practical packaging provides you with a trusted solution.

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