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Clinisept+ Podiatry - 500ml Bottle

Clinisept+ Podiatry - 500ml Bottle

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Ultimate Foot Hygiene

Introducing Clinisept+ Podiatry - the ultimate solution for optimal foot hygiene and rapid recovery in podiatry procedures. Designed specifically for clinics, this 500ml bottle is perfect for dispensing into gallipots, providing exceptional microbial control and promoting foot health.

Cutting-Edge Antimicrobial Technology

Utilizing cutting-edge antimicrobial hypochlorous technology, Clinisept+ Podiatry ensures optimal hygiene throughout every podiatric procedure. It not only cleanses and deodorizes the skin but also soothes and calms, reducing redness and promoting rapid skin recovery without any stinging or irritation.

Gentle and Residue-Free

This non-sensitizing solution leaves no residue or chemical burden, making it the ideal choice for podiatry applications. Unlike traditional chemistries containing alcohol and chlorhexidine, Clinisept+ Podiatry's advanced hypochlorous formula offers a unique oxidizing method of action. It delivers highly effective antimicrobial protection while remaining gentle on the skin, causing no harm, irritation, or stinging.

Promote Foot Health with Confidence

With Clinisept+ Podiatry, you can confidently promote foot health and ensure optimal hygiene in your clinic. This innovative solution provides exceptional microbial control, rapid skin recovery, and soothing effects without any stinging or irritation. Choose Clinisept+ Podiatry for the ultimate foot hygiene and recovery experience in podiatry procedures.

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