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Cytolax Soothe & Protect Barrier Cream - 120g Tube

Cytolax Soothe & Protect Barrier Cream - 120g Tube

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Prevent Sores

Introducing Cytolax Barrier Cream, the ultimate solution for preventing sores. Say goodbye to worries about skin irritations and embrace the long-lasting protection provided by this exceptional cream. Its transparent and durable texture creates a protective layer that offers up to 24 hours of reliable defence.

Protect Against Irritation

Cytolax Barrier Cream is specifically formulated to protect against skin irritation. Its perfectly pH balanced formula ensures optimal compatibility with your skin, promoting a soothing and gentle application. This non-greasy cream is designed to resist wash-off, ensuring continuous protection against external elements.

Moisturize Dry Skin

Cytolax Barrier Cream not only prevents sores and protects against irritation but also moisturizes dry skin. Its hypoallergenic formula is specifically tailored to meet your skin's unique needs, providing exceptional care and comfort. With this cream, you can confidently navigate through your day, knowing your skin is healthy and hydrated.

Safe and Reliable

Cytolax Barrier Cream effectively shields your skin from body fluids, urinary and fecal incontinence, providing a barrier that keeps your skin safe and healthy. With its long-lasting protection and resistance to wash-off, you can trust this cream to provide reliable defense against external irritants. Experience the peace of mind that comes with using Cytolax Barrier Cream.

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